Wednesday, January 6, 2016

This Year – Beginning Today – Can Be different. I Promise!

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I cannot afford another year of failed New Year’s resolutions. Can you?

Wanting to become better people, we make lists of the bad habits we resolve to tackle during the coming year. But after failing to stick to our resolutions, year after year, we approach the next year’s resolve with fading hope – wishing true change was actually possible for us.

If yesterday was disappointing, today can be different because, with God’s help, we can overcome bad and sinful behavior. However, perhaps we will have better success if we focus on one behavior goal at a time

Last week, I suggested that as we start each month, we ask God to show us one area in our lives (regarding the way we’re living and the choices we’re making) that is displeasing to Him. Then spend the rest of that month doing whatever it takes (through prayer, meditating on scriptures, accountability, etc.) to overcome that behavior. And then do this month after month throughout 2016.

Let me emphasize: I’m not talking about will power. But I am talking about staying on task, trusting God – with expectation – to actually see progress as we seek to become more like the person we really want to be, in Christ.

Every time I yield to God’s grace and choose to obey Him, (rather than giving into my ingrained behavior), I grow in my confidence that God is changing me. That I can change.

We begin by repenting of our wrongful behavior and accepting God’s mercy for yesterday. Then we begin reaching forward to see what lies ahead.

Philippians 3:13 NASB
Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead.

If you’re struggling (like many of us) with regrets, then 2016 can be different. Starting right now.

What is your January goal? I’ll share mine next week.

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  1. One goal at a time makes so much more sense. I recently heard someone say (in a sermon, I think) that it's not about having enough "will power"; rather, it is about placing our will on the side of the One with the power. ;) I thought that was good. "For it is God that worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure." :)

    In all honesty, my prayer right now is for courage to ask for a goal. Life feels so incredibly overwhelming. But perhaps the right goal would ease a bit of that, huh? :)

    Blessings, dear sister.

    1. Wonderful to see you again, Sheila!
      I understand when life feels overwhelming, my friend. And certainly, God understands. ANY goal that will keep you moving forward will be worthwhile...including those of the heart; such as, memorizing scripture, being kinder to your loved ones - and those you encounter day-to-day, etc.
      I love you, Sheila. Don't give up! Rest in His strength and provision. And please keep in touch!

  2. I am still on the same goal I have had for years, which is to learn to walk with God and trust and believe all of His word. I guess if I had to add to this it would be to spend more time with Him.

    1. Hi, Barbara! Spending more time with your heavenly Father is always a great goal. Perhaps you could decide what exactly that means for you - define "more time." For instance, if you're already spending 30 minutes every day with Him during your quiet time, more time might mean adding a specific amount of time each day. That way, it's measurable, and you can check yourself to see if you're accomplishing your goal. Does that make sense - or does it help?
      As always, THANK YOU so much for stopping by and being such a loyal visitor - AND commenter! ;)


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