Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Do You Feel As If You're on God's Naughty List?

Photo by Cory Consumedbygrace (Flickr)
Do you feel as if you’re on God’s naughty list more often than not?

When you think about God, read the Bible or when you're listening to the sermon at church, do you sometimes feel as if you’re worthy of punishment or at least not measuring up?

If so, remember Romans 8:1: “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus(NIV 1984).

Even though God hates sin (especially the way it devastates our lives and His plan for us), He constantly extends mercy to us. After all, when He sent His Son to die for our sins, it wasn’t an act of contempt, but of tremendous love.

I don’t want the devil to deceive me –even with one thought – into believing God is disappointed with me. Obviously, He isn’t pleased with many things I do, and I know my sin grieves Him, but grief isn’t disappointment.

Rather than allowing the devil to deceive me, I want to grasp more perfectly what Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross means for me, personally.

Therefore, for the month of January (and for as long as it takes) I’m setting the ambitious goal of memorizing Romans 8. With God’s help, I will memorize the whole chapter.

I emphasize “with God’s help” because, although I write for the Memorizing Scripture Blog, I have a tremendously difficult time memorizing scripture. However, I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t been meditating on and memorizing verses – even imperfectly, in the past.

As I progress in committing Romans 8 to memory, I will be asking God to change me to be more like Him, beginning with my January goal of being less critical of others, especially with my husband, Bert.

I invite you to walk with me as we begin our monthly goals for 2016. What is your January goal? Even if you choose not to memorize scripture, I hope you’ll consider meditating on Bible verses that are relevant to your goals and struggles.

I have a feeling it will be more than worthy of our time.

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  1. Great message Cheryl...Now NO condemnation! Always a blessing to get your posts in my box!

    1. Thank you, Cassie.
      Spending time thinking about what "no condemnation" means can be time well spent, don't you think?
      Appreciate your stopping by again!

  2. "Grief isn’t disappointment." You know I never thought about it like that. I like that. It has helped me so much to learn to go to the Father and confess I have sinned and receive His forgiveness though the Lamb of God. God does not want us to hide and try to cover our sins, but to come to Him and have fellowship with Him. Satan wants us to believe we are not worthy to go to the Father. While we are not worthy in ourselves, God made us worthy though the blood of Jesus. God wants us to boldly approach His throne trusting we belong to Him through Christ.

    1. Indeed! The absolute worse thing we can do is hide when we need Him the most. When we need His mercy and strength to get us onto the right path.
      Thank you, Barbara, for your great comment.


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