Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When the Walls Seem Overwhelming

Photo by William Warby (Flickr)
During the past several weeks, I’ve been sharing about the time I was unfairly blamed for an incident involving dear friends of mine. Although it happened a long time ago, I still remember the devastation I felt.

I can’t share many details of the actual incident, but as I’ve explained, the aftermath caused me to feel as if I had slammed into a wall, emotionally.

As I spent time in counseling – and lots of time praying, reading my Bible, and memorizing and meditating on scripture, I became confident that, one day, things would be okay. But I knew I had formidable obstacles facing me.

Thankfully, Psalm 18:29 says, “With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall” (NIV 1984).

The first wall I had to scale was my own recklessness because I knew some of the choices I had made in previous years contributed to the situation that brought me so much pain. Therefore, I asked God to forgive my lack of prudence.

That lack of prudence included the inflated value I placed on what others thought of me. Therefore, knowing I was still vulnerable to making foolish choices, I placed myself under the accountability of people I could trust.

For instance, as painful as it was, I knew I had to separate myself and break off all communication with the people I had been living with. In the months following, whenever I was tempted to contact them, my accountability people helped me stick to my resolve.

However, I think the toughest wall to scale was that of unforgiveness. I prayed to forgive the couple who had betrayed my trust. I’m convinced that it’s no coincidence that the more I progressed in extending mercy to this couple, the more stable I became.

With God’s help, we can advance against any troop and scale any wall that is not part of God’s plan for us. And while we’re at it, let’s trust Him to help us knock down a few of those walls!

Try memorizing Psalm 28:29 every day this week and watch your confidence in God's faithfulness soar!

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  1. That is a powerful scripture that you have allowed to grow up in you. Thank you for sharing your struggles and triumphs.

    1. You're quite welcome, Barbara. However, I must say, you deserve much admiration for your willingness in sharing your personal struggles and (thankfully) triumphs on your Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs page on Facebook and your blog. (Feel free to give us a link to your blog!)
      Thank you for all you do to encourage the Body of Christ, Barbara.

    2. Well you talked me into it Sheryl and thank you. :)
      Here are the links to my blog and my Facebook group:

  2. We all have situations in life. Have a situation, don't let a situation have you. Oftentimes people betray us are really betray God. Many people are blaming God for something that has happened in their lifes and they take out on a people who has good relationship with God. Because they cannot physical take it ouf on God. Once you can see the root of situation, it exposed and loses power. Valerie E Porter

    1. Thank you so much, Valerie, for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      I agree! The enemy must be exposed so that we can overcome his lies.Thankfully, God is more - ALL - powerful, yet kind, compassionate and faithful to His Word.
      By the way, let us know how your new book, Trust the Word, does. I hope many buy it as gifts this Christmas season!

  3. Copied from Facebook:
    I've come to realize that when something like that happens to me and it has that God is working on my pride and helping me initiate forgiveness even though I really don't want to extend it!

    1. Certainly. Thank you for reminding me about the pride issue, too.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you for being a very faithful friend, Marsha!


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