Thursday, September 24, 2015

Is God’s Word Void of Significance for Your Life?

Perhaps you wouldn’t say it out loud to any of your church friends, but you can’t help but wonder
what people get from reading the Bible.

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Maybe learning how to personalize (reading the verse using personal pronouns) and praying through the Word will help you receive the encouragement, hope and confidence you need to get through your circumstances – thus making the Bible more meaningful to you.

For instance, let’s say you’ve been worried about your teenage son. You might try personalizing 1 Peter 5:7: “ … casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you” (NASB) by reading it this way:

“I will cast all my anxiety on You, Lord, because You care for me.”

Going a little deeper, if you were to use the same verse and turn it more into a prayer, it would go something like this (with help from the Amplified Bible):

Father, I’m so worried about Tommy’s recent failing grades and the kids he’s hanging out with. And I’m scared he might be doing drugs, or worse. Father, I cast all of these concerns on You (once and for all) because I know You care for me affectionately. And thank You for carefully watching over me and my son.

Personalizing can transition a verse into a personal declaration between God and us. We begin to recognize more clearly who we truly are: Christ-followers, God’s representatives, lovers of people – and individuals totally dependent on a God Who loves us.

As we do this, we grow in our trust in the only One Who knows exactly how to intervene in our struggles.

A Bible verse can transition from dry words on a page to words that overflow with hope that leads to building a relationship with the Author.

This is not my original idea. I learned it years ago from those who knew that the only way they could continue to grow in their faith was by trusting God’s Word.
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  1. I love the personalizing scriptures so much. This really does help. And I love how you always include "Would you like to discuss this further? If so leave a comment or email me " in your posts. I know you are sincere in this, since I have personally needed to discuss so many things further. And thank you for always taking the time to care about me as an individual even though we have never met in person.

    1. You are more than welcome, Barbara! Thank you (always) for the compliments and encouragement. (It really helps an inspiring writer who prays to write effectively.)

      I love personalizing scriptures, too! In fact, I often use the scriptures that I write down each day (during my quiet time) to pray for those on my prayer list.

      I appreciate you, Barbara!


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