Tuesday, August 25, 2015

She Will Not Fall

This week, Denise K. Loock is my guest blogger. Denise is a freelance writer, editor, and speaker. She’s the author of two devotional books, Open Your Hymnal and Open Your Hymnal Again. She is the founder of Dig Deeper Devotions, a website dedicated to encouraging and enabling Christians to dig deeper into God’s Word. Denise is also the editor of Journey Christian News and a nonfiction book editor for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.

She Will Not Fall

Psalm 46 begins with a powerful declaration about the nature of our God: “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” (v. 1). Many Bible scholars believe this psalm was written after a monumental military victory, perhaps the one described in 2 Kings 19:35. But regardless of when it was written, I derive great strength from the truths about God that the psalm celebrates – particularly the security I have because I am His child.

Verse 4 refers to Jerusalem, “the city of God.” When the psalm was written, God’s presence dwelled in the temple: “the holy place where the Most High dwells,” said the psalmist. When enemy armies threatened to conquer Jerusalem, the people depended on God to protect them:

God is within her, she will not fall;
God will help her at break of day. (v. 5 NIV)

But I claim this truth for myself, because God no longer dwells in a bricks-and-mortar building. He lives in me (Galatians 2:20).

Photo taken by Sue Libera
Most mornings I walk around the lake near our home. Often, as I think about the tasks that lay ahead of me on that particular day, or I pray about the problems that have arisen in my life or my loved ones’ lives, I recite Psalm 46:5. Its words encourage and strengthen me. God dwells within me. He has promised that He will never leave or forsake me. He has promised that He will make a way for me to handle whatever circumstances confront me. He will come to my aid, providing the emotional, spiritual, or physical strength I need.

How about you? Do you begin each day with confidence that God is with you and in you? Do you rely on His help?

I encourage you to memorize Psalm 46:5. When stress, anxiety, anger, or bewilderment creep up your spine during the day, pause. Breathe deeply and recite the verse aloud. Allow its truth to settle your soul. God is within you. You will not fall.
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  1. This was a very timely post. With all that is happening and is about to happen in our world today, it's easy to lose sight of who(se) we are and who lives in us. Thank you for centering me back to the Word which brings always brings peace.

    1. I, too, enjoyed Denise's timely post reminding me that God is more than able to help me stay and walk strong!

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment, Maria.

    2. Thanks for your response, Maria. You are so right. We easily lose sight of the One who loves us and stands ready to respond. God bless you as you continue to rely on Him.

  2. Denise, you made some excellent points and illuminated many important biblical points. I will have to come back and meditate on this some more as well as check out your devotional books. If this post is a sample of your devotional books, then I am sure they would be a great tool.


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