Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Do We Do When Regret and Self-Hate Sets In (Studying Romans 6)

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All of us struggle with habits or sins that we would love to conquer, don’t we?

But can we admit that sometimes we don’t take our sinful behavior seriously enough? For instance, we know we shouldn’t commit a certain act, but we rationalize, “I’ll tell God I’m sorry, then I’ll never do it again.”

But we do do it again. Eventually, regret and self-hate sets in, so we once again plead for God’s mercy.

Do we really want to take God’s kindness for granted and continue the downward spiral?

I don’t. And I know you don’t either.

I have an idea for those of us who want to experience a real change, especially when it comes to our relationship with God and others: While we continue memorizing and/or meditating on God’s Word, let’s add accountability. Please hear me out.

During the next several weeks, let’s see how much we can grow while again focusing on Romans 6 (a great chapter!). However, let’s also choose someone to go on the journey with us.

What a glorious Easter season we will celebrate if we start now!

Choose someone who will encourage and pray with you in whatever area you’re needing extra support. Or you can do this in your small group. Of course, we are also available right here for those of you who’d rather do it online via the comment links (pseudonyms are allowed).

Since no real change will occur unless we spend time with God every day in prayer and meditating on His Word, let’s begin this journey with the first two verses of Romans 6.

Romans 6:
:1 What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin so that grace may increase? 
:2 May it never be! How shall we who died to sin still live in it? (NASB).

Please join us. I know we will experience incredible victories!

As always, please remember that I’m here if you need me. You can use a pseudonym if you want to share a little about your struggle (via the comment link). I’d be honored to pray with you.

I will send you the weekly verses, formatted to fit a standard index card. You must be subscribed to the blog, via email. Leave a comment to let me know what translation you prefer.


  1. I hope we will grow in these next several weeks - and maybe even help someone else along the way!

    Share what you're comfortable with and by all means, feel free to use pseudonyms.
    Okay? Let's get started!

  2. Interesting scripture choice. I just recently decided to go back to Romans chapter 6 for a review. This is such a powerful chapter about being set free from the bondage of sin and enslavement. Jesus really did come and set the captives free. I am looking forward to this series with you.

    1. I love this chapter too, Barbara!! I'm glad you'll be joining us. It's great to have each other along the journey.

      I am also looking forward to the accountability part even though it can be a bit humbling at times. ;)

      And since I brought that up, this week, I would appreciate prayers (and accountability!) with the way I spend my time. I want to be more productive. Will you help me by praying for me and asking how I'm doing with that?

      Thank you for dropping by again(!), dear friend.

  3. There is a famous definition: "Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results is insanity." Now, if God is allowed to intervene in our choices I'll bet life's results will be pleasantly different.

    1. Amen, Bert! Life results will likely be exceedingly above what we ever hoped when we allow God to intervene in our choices.

      Bert, do pray for those who join us, especially for those taking the extra (courageous step) to choose an accountability person!

      But I also pray you and I will grow as a couple - and individually - as we take this time to ask God to search our hearts.

      See you later, Hon. Have a good day at work.

  4. I wanted to report that the first evening when I wrote that I wanted to be accountable on how I spend my time, I forgot to follow through! :(

    However, since then, I am happy to report that I have been doing much, much better! I thank God for all I'm getting done.

    Also, Bert and I had a devotional and I told him I also wanted to work on my attitude: I worry too much, especially when it concerns my husband and those I love. Therefore, I am asking God to help me to trust Him more. I'll let you know how I do.


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