Saturday, December 27, 2014

God Can Help Us Want to Obey Him

Photo by Maaar ツ  Maria Marganingsih (Flickr) 
Can you recall a time (or two!) when you couldn’t stop asking God for His forgiveness and mercy? Do you remember when you were finally able to smile again as hope began to replace despair?

Then as time went on, you found yourself able resist temptation more consistently (by leaning and trusting in God’s power in you); thus, ultimately experiencing profound joy?

Let’s dig back into Psalm 51. This is our twelfth week of exploring King David’s marvelous prayer of repentance as he sought to be restored. Notice that even the great king needed God’s help to obey, and he willingly asked for help in doing so.

Psalm 51:12 (NIV)
Restore to me the joy of your salvation
    and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

Psalm 51:12 (CEV) / For meditation purposes:
Make me as happy as you did when you saved me; 
    make me want to obey!

"I have always found this verse to be such a great comfort in the Christian life because it acknowledges God loves us so much that He’s even willing to supply our “want to” in regard to obedience. Praise Him for that!" (Lee Warren, freelance writer/editor. Comment he made while critiquing this post.)

What about you? Let’s pray:

Thank You, Father, for saving me from the consequences of my sin! I rejoice at the thought of one day being with You in heaven. And if that wasn’t enough, You not only offer me redemption from my past (a chance to begin again), but You also offer me the strength, power to do so.

Please don’t stop Lord! Continue to give me the desire to please You every minute of every day, for the rest of 2014 and throughout the New Year.

Amen. So be it!!

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  1. I am with you in this Sheryl. Thank God He really does work in us to will and to do His good pleasure. Philippians 2:13

    Please pray for me that I will continue to give my will and desires to Him. I will keep you in my prayers also.

    1. Amen to that, Barbara! What an amazing God we serve.

      Of course I will continue to pray for you to give your will and desires to God. Thank you for praying for me!

      I have several areas regarding my will that I need God's help with. I am amazed how much of my"desire to serve God" is based on my own plans and desires.

    2. I love your honesty and your commitment to grow in Christ. You are a great role model.

  2. My Power. My Purpose. I find You in silence.
    Nice post Sheryl.
    Please pray for me too :)

    1. I will pray for you, Maria.
      And thank you for allowing me to use your great photo!

      Please stop by again.


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