Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Want to Be Cleansed from All Your Guilt?

Photo by Robert Vitulano (Flickr)
When I deal with the aftermath of my sin, I long to feel pure again, cleansed from my guilt.

This week as we continue memorizing and/or meditating on Psalm 51, one verse per week, we focus on another verse from one of my favorite Psalms.

Psalm 51:2 (NIV)
Wash away all my iniquity
and cleanse me from my sin.

Psalm 51:2 (TLB) / For meditation purposes.
Oh, wash me, cleanse me from this guilt. Let me be pure again.

What a heartfelt prayer!

What about you?

  • When did you last feel pure before God and to those closest to you? Don’t wait another day to confess your sin to God and to those you have sinned against. Allow God to wash away your iniquity and cleanse you from your sin, and the associating guilt!

If you need to talk, please feel free to use a pseudonym! As you share (via the comment link), you might also help others struggling with the same issue. Perhaps you can relate to the comment I left for last week’s post.

This week, Mary Brock shares one of her favorite verses, Psalm 16:5.

If you have a favorite Bible verse that you've memorized or love to meditate on, or if you have a Bible memorization tip - do tell! You can send me an email with your tip or send me videos of you or your little ones reciting any Bible verse. If you’d like, give a short testimony of why you love the verse. (You can record from your Smartphone or other device and email me the video. Click on the “About” tab to find my email address. Or, if you know how, please upload the video to YouTube and send me the link.)

I will send you the weekly verses, formatted to fit a standard index card. You must be subscribed to the blog, via email. Leave a comment to let me know what translation you prefer.

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  1. I like that scripture Mary! I had to look it up. I don't think I had noticed it before. I think I will meditate on that scripture today. Thank you for sharing. :)


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