Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bringing Your Life to God. (Plus, a reader shares her favorite verse.)

Another short verse that packs a powerful punch! I love both versions, each gives a thoughtful perspective. This will be a great verse to memorize and meditate on all week.

Photo by Patrick Lim1996 (Flickr)
Psalm 25:1 (New International Version)
In you, LORD my God, I put my trust.

Psalm 25:1 (Amplified Bible)
Unto You, O Lord, do I bring my life.

David, the Psalmist, had a relationship with God, which I envy. It was candid and filled with confidence.

What about you? (You may use pseudonyms.)

  • Share with us the peace you've experienced while trusting God - or while you continue to wait for Him - during a long and difficult season.
  • Or (as many of us have done), did you start strong trusting in Him, but eventually gave up believing God is able (or even cares to) intervene? Will you allow us to stand with you in prayer? 
  • What thoughts does the Amplified Bible bring to your mind and heart? In what ways can you bring your life to God? (Click on the comment link to read my answer.)

This week, Barbara rose to the challenge and shot a video of herself (using her iPad) to recite several verses from Psalm 121.  I appreciate her also sharing why she loves the psalm.

Please send me videos of you or your little ones reciting any Bible verse. If you’d like, give a short testimony of why you love the verse. (You can record from your Smartphone or other device and email me the video. Or, if you know how, please upload the video to YouTube and send me the link! Click on the About tab to find my email address.)

I will send you the weekly verses, formatted to fit a standard index card. You must be subscribed to the blog, via email. Leave a comment to let me know what translation you prefer.

And don’t forget to share your comments asked in the “What about you?” section.


  1. It seems every time I read Psalm 25:1 (in the Amplified), I am filled with the vastness of what bringing my “life” to God! This means all that matters to me, including: the people I care about, the kind of person I want to be (which includes all my regrets, too!), and every single thing my mind dwells on—all my dreams, all my expectations, all my disappointments, and on and on and on and on…
    I deeply appreciate that God wants me to bring Him all of these things! I need Someone big enough to understand ALL of it and to know how to sort it ALL out! It gives me a measure of peace to know that God can handle my “life.”

    Does this make sense to anyone else?

  2. As I continue to memorize and meditate on this verse, I continue to appreciate each and every word! I am not only putting my trust in my LORD, (the boss of my life - that is when I allow Him to be!); but also in ALMIGHTY GOD!! Cannot the creator of all things and ruler over everything be trusted with my little ole life?

    I can't help but hope that one day I will truly and fully grasp this!

    Does this make sense to anyone else? Let me know. .


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