Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Will Remember that God Loves Me

The line was long, but moving steadily. We were all dressed the same, in our long white robes. I was nearing the front of the line and I could see Jesus’ face beaming as He greeted each newcomer into heaven—until He saw me. When our eyes met, it seemed His countenance changed from one of loving delight to that of a well-I-guess-since-you’re-here-you-might-as-well-come-in kind of look.

Many years ago, each time I envisioned the day I would enter into heaven, the above scenario played through my mind. During that period of my life, I was very performance-based (seeking approval and love by striving to “be the best” or doing whatever was expected of me). I wasn't doubting my salvation, I just couldn't imagine that Jesus would be happy to see me.  Especially since I was much less “perfect” than those in line with me.

Last week, we discussed starting our day by telling God we loved Him even if we’re not sure whether He loves us. This week, I'm hoping you begin to understand God most certainly loves you—even when you’re living in a constant state of messing up.

Romans 5:8 (NKJ)
Photo by GaborDvornik (Flickr)
But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Jesus died for us before He had any evidence that we wanted His love.

Jesus died for you and me before we had a chance to prove our worthiness. (Even if it were possible to earn that kind of love).

Jesus died knowing we would never be able to do anything to earn it!

As a person who used to never feel worthy to be loved by anyone, most of all by God, it took me a while to accept God’s love for me.

But as I began to spend more time around people who were secure in God’s love for them (and believe me, they weren't all that perfect, either), the more I was able to accept that perhaps He could love me, too.

I started to spend more time with God through prayer and Bible reading. Eventually, when I prayed, it felt more like I was talking with my loving Father, rather than to a distant God. More and more I began looking forward to “our” time together.

And now, when I picture that future day when I enter into heaven, I see Jesus not only beaming, but holding me tightly!

Thank You, Father, for loving me a lot! I pray others will begin to consider Your great love for them, as well. Holy Spirit, continue to show us that Your love is not based on anything we do (or don’t do), but on Your very nature, love. 

This week’s goal and practical application:
This week, while meditating on (with the intent to memorize) Romans 5:8, I will continue to remember God loves me(!)—even when I am not acting “perfectly.”

For instance, when I behave disrespectfully toward Bert, overeat for a whole weekend, or don’t keep the house as tidy as I would like, I will remember that (although God exhorts and enables me to do differently), I am not a failure in His eyes because He loves me. (However, I will also remember that it would be easier for Bert to “love me” if I would continue to make progress in these areas!)

What about you? (I’d love to hear from you via the comment link)

  • Do you wonder if God loves you?
  • How would being absolutely convinced of His love for you, change you?

How can we pray for you?

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  1. Sheryl, I am really moved by your love series posts. Even more so after hearing you tell Jesus you loved Him on the radio. I could feel the earnestness in your voice and I knew you meant it. I think to often the word love can sound trite and meaningless, especially in today's society. What has love come to mean to the world? But you put love in its proper place. You gave it the purity and integrity that it was meant to hold. And with all the purity and innocents of a child you unashamedly said "I love you Lord" on the radio.

    I say that because it was so meaningful to see the banner of Love lifted up and broadcast on the radio. When you said "I love You Lord" in a spirit of truth, boldness, and humility, I know that the Jesus in me knew that you did a good thing. I'm not doing a very good job of explaining what I am trying to say. But your heart expression, I believe touched God. I know it touched me.

    Now, today you ask, "Do you ever wonder if God loves you?"

    Thankfully, I can answer no to that question. I don't wonder that anymore. But for the first 28 years of my life I didn't think He did love love me. Thankfully, I have never allowed Satan to take that from me once God let me know He really did love me.

    "How would being absolutely convinced of His love for you, change you."

    Oh Sheryl, finding out Jesus loved me was the most drastic change of my life!

  2. Barbara, thank you for your very kind words. Your support and encouragement for me on both of my blogs have helped me keep going when I wonder if anyone reads my posts. :)

    I'm so glad you know God loves you and have experienced the drastic changes it has had on your life. Let's pray for others to absolutely know that God loves them!

    Thanks again for your love and support, Barbara!

  3. So beautiful my friend.

  4. Thank you, Marsha!


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