Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Having Trouble Getting Out of Bed in the Mornings?

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The sun broke through the curtains. Another day.

I don’t want to get up. There’s so much to get done, but I’m still so tired. And I’ve put off doing so many things that now I don’t even know where to start. 

I’m afraid Steven is about ready to give up on me. My friends from church already have ….

The thoughts rolled in, each outdoing the previous with its negative and foreboding messages.

“I wish I could turn off my brain!” Stacey screamed into her pillow.

I remember what it was like to dread the beginning of another day. Racing thoughts about the things I had put off doing for way too long (plus every other way I was failing at life) escalated the anxiety. And the unrelenting thought that I was a constant disappointment to everyone—including myself—reinforced my fears.

Sound familiar? May I suggest something that helped me?

What if, at the beginning of your day you choose to tell God you love Him.

Please don’t shut me out.

I know how many times you've heard something similar. People mean well (honest, they do!), when they freely offer “helpful, easy” tips, but often those same people don't even know how to spell “anxiety” or “depression.” And they don’t have a clue to what it is like to have an addictive or eating disorder problem. But I do. So please hear me out.

What if you were to spend the first 60 seconds of every morning, before the usual fearful or negative thoughts have a chance to take root, telling God you love Him? Even if you’re filled with doubt about whether He loves you, spend 60 seconds telling Him how much you adore Him. If all you can do is repeat, “I love You, God. I love You God” over and over again, then do just that.

This morning, I did just that. In lieu of using a bunch of words, I said out loud, "I love You, God. I love You, Lord" several times, with meaning. After a few times repeating to Him those simple words, something sweet began to happen. Very sweet.

Consider proclaiming your love out loud to Him. Hearing our voices exalt Him actually increases our awareness of how awesome He is. (I promise not to tell if you go beyond a minute!)

It could change your day—and perhaps it could eventually change your life.

Next week, we will spend time discussing our feelings and fears about God’s love for us.

Think about it: 
Could this be an easy, but effective way to help you to begin to face the day—or at least help you get out of bed? I realize it won’t solve all of your emotional struggles, but give it a try!

Psalm 18:1 (New American Standard Bible)
I love You, O LORD, my strength.

Lord God, I love You. I love You. I love You! Please help us to express our devotion to You, even when it feels as if You’re too far away to hear us. 

This week’s goal and practical application:
This week, and for all the weeks to come, while meditating on (with the intent to memorize) Psalm 18:1, I will continue to express my love to God for the first 60 seconds of my day. I will repeat this practice throughout the day, whenever I am feeling overwhelmed.

For instance, when I'm feeling stressed at work because I am having a poor sales day, I will pause and say out loud to God, “I love You, Lord!”

And when I receive troubling news or my mind begins to re-play negative tapes, I will begin to sing a song to the One I love most.

Will this work in your world? (I’d love to hear from you via the comment link)
I realize your story is different from mine and your struggles may be much worse than mine were. But I’m hoping this post will help.

Please tell me how I can be praying for you.

(Pseudonyms may be used)

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  1. I always smile when I read your posts. You do have that ability to just so sweetly say "I love you" in such a pure and honest manner. You are a good model for godly love.

  2. How kind of you, Barbara.

    I wasn't sure about posting this one, but I actually am quite excited how it may begin to help those suffering with these issues. It's just a small step - but could be a great beginning to moving in the right direction.

    Thanks again for your sweet words.

  3. Barbara T. HudsonJune 7, 2014 at 3:28 PM

    Wonderful! When I can' sleep or need encouragement I often sing "Jesus Loves Me" but affirming my love for Him should also be a great uplifter. Thanks. Would love to get together sometime to do lunch. Let me know when would be a good day.


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