Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Getting Control of My Day and My Diet – Most of the Time!

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 “Though enormously talented and loaded with potential, Sheryl H. Boldt seems unable to follow through on several commitments she’s made to herself. Rumors have it that the promising writing projects, she had once been so passionate about, may become the latest casualty of her apparent inability to manage her time wisely – mostly due to her spending too much time watching television and on the Internet. Even her once svelte figure is all but a memory due to her missing too many days of exercise …”

The opening paragraph is a mock narrative I envision the Biography Channel running about me. Although it’s a bit of an exaggeration, the resulting anxiety and depression I experience after another unproductive day often causes me to feel defeated and worthless.

It saddens me to see how some of the people actually featured on the Biography Channel wasted away their lives with drinking, drugs, and harmful relationships. Although not as devastating as those choices, I find the foolish ways I choose to use my time very detrimental, too.

Some days are worse than others; however, if it wasn’t for the mutual accountability I’ve found with this blog, I would practically remain in a constant state of anxiety and depression.

Joining others as we set daily task and health-related goals helps us to be more effective with our time and choices! The support and prayers have been invaluable. Thankfully, I’m now becoming more consistent in checking things off of my to-do list. Consequently, I go to bed most nights feeling better about my day. (See the Immediate Goals (Coffee with Sheryl Blog) and the Eating and Exercising Habits (both blogs) pages by clicking on the Current Goals tab.)

 Psalm 90:12 (NKJV)
So teach us to number our days,
That we may gain a heart of wisdom.

A Biography Channel update:

“Sheryl H. Boldt has taken positive steps in realizing some of her dreams. Rumor now has it that she has been receiving help from some pretty awesome people on her blogs: Coffee with Sheryl Blog and the Memorizing Scripture Blog. As Sheryl continues to recover from her TV and Internet addictions, she has just completed her latest inspirational piece for her blogs. And with her astonishing now week-long record of daily exercising, she is already experiencing better muscle tone and improved energy levels.”

Father, I want to make every day productive! Please help me to be more responsible with the time and opportunities You’ve given me. Please continue to show the ladies and me how to effectively help and encourage each other with our choices so we can honor You each day.

This week’s Goal and practical application:
This week, with God’s help, I will meditate (with intent to memorize) Psalm 90:12 as I strive to make each day a productive one.

For instance, each evening I will visit the Immediate Goals  and the Eating and Exercising Habits pages to post my goals for the next day. I will commit to the ladies that I will revisit the pages during the day whenever I “get stuck” or begin to swerve off course.

What do you think?

  • Do you struggle with procrastination or not managing your time wisely? If so, how?
  • Would accountability help you develop a more consistent exercise habit or make better food choices?

If we can help you, please consider joining us in setting daily goals! It really works and can be fun, too!

Note: Memorizing Scripture Blog (for anyone) and the Coffee with Sheryl blog (for ladies) both have the Current Goals tab located under the blogs' headers. "Current Goals" offers several practical links including topics such as: being a better spouse or parent, choosing better eating and exercising habits, overcoming addictions, dealing with depression, etc. The Immediate Goals link (for setting task-related goals) is only available at the Coffee with Sheryl Blog

You may use pseudonyms (fake names).

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  1. I love the pic! and I was so glad to see the latest Biography Chanel update! The last episode was a real clif hanger! Lol I will join you in your challenge. See ya on the blog, and I hope to have more decide to join us! We're friendly. :)


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