Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Are You an ANP or NANP?

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When I worked as a private caregiver, family members often interviewed me to see if I was the right person to care for their mom or dad. When answering their questions about my training, I often explained, “I’m not a CNA (certified nursing assistant), or a RN (registered nurse)., but I am an ‘ANP.’” I paused to allow them to search their memory banks. Then I solved the riddle, “a nice person.”

They chuckled with relief because that’s what they were looking for: a nice person to care for their loved ones. Although I actually had Sheryl H. Boldt, ANP on my nametag, it was much more of an icebreaker than a true testimony of my personality trait. Because if it wasn’t for the work of God in my heart, I would be a NANP. (not a nice person) more often.

On the days when I don’t meditate on God’s Word (and allow His Word to indwell my innermost being and personality), I am really “wearing” the NANP name tag – which is another reason I believe in hiding God’s Word in my heart.

I love Ephesians 3:16-20! For however long it takes, I have chosen to meditate on (with the intent on memorizing) each verse, using the Amplified Bible.

My objective on focusing on these five powerful verses is not just to meditate on (and eventually memorize these verses). My greater goal is to grow in my understanding of them and, perhaps most importantly, to apply the verses in my everyday life.  If you would like to join me in meditating/memorizing these verses, but would prefer a different translation, click on the Biblegateway link on the sidebar.

Here is our first verse: Ephesians 3: 16 (Amplified)
May He grant you out of the rich treasury of His glory to be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in the inner man by the [Holy] Spirit [Himself indwelling your innermost being and personality].

Try to take each section and consider how it applies to your life. For instance, if we begin with just the first four words, we can glean so much:

May He grant you: Think about Who He is: (God Almighty, King of Kings, Creator of all things, etc. and etc.!). And consider how He graciously and constantly presents us with all we need to be the person He has designed us to be. Think about those few words and see what else the Holy Spirit will open up to you.

The more you practice meditating on each section, the more you will fall in love with God! Plus, you will find yourself becoming more thankful for all He has done in (and for!) you.

Father, thank You for all You do for me! Help me to be aware of how much I need Your mighty power to indwell my innermost being and personality to be person you have designed me to be in every area of my life.

This week’s goal:
This week, I will meditate on each section of Ephesians 3:16. I will try to remember to journal the changes I experience in my thinking and behavior as yield to His power that dwells within me.

Please share (via the comment link) your thoughts as you meditate on this week's verse!

Note: This blog is for anyone who desires a deeper walk with Jesus. I have another accountability blog for women only: CoffeeWithSheryl.com. (Once on the blog, click on the Current Goals tab to see several practical links regarding specific behavior issues, including: quiet time moments, addictions, eating/exercising habits, being a better wife/mom, etc.)


  1. We have to renew our relationship with ourselves and with Jesus on atleast a daily basis. A dedicated daily quiet time and daily prayer helps to do this. Jesus Christ invites us into his heart.

  2. Well, I think I need to work a little harder at being an ANP. This is a good reminder. Thanks Sheryl.
    Anonymous, I love that. I have never though of Jesus inviting us into His heart; but He does doesn't He! I get such a beautiful visual from that. Thank you.

    1. Barbara, I totally agree with your comment on Anonymous' words about Jesus inviting us into His heart!

      Thank you, Anonymous, for a new insight on Jesus' desire to have a relationship with us.

  3. I was wondering if anyone has thought about the last part of the verse? What thoughts do you have about the Holy Spirit (Himself!) indwelling our innermost being AND personality?
    I've been meditating on the verse again today. I really love the thought of the Holy Spirit indwelling my personality!! (It could use it!)


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