Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brushing My Teeth: One Glorious Memory!

Psalm 119:11 (NIV1984)
I have hidden your word in my heart
that I might not sin against you.

Brushing my teeth isn’t my favorite task of the day. But I’d like to share with you one of my favorite memories that happened (many years ago) while I was brushing my pearly whites!

Finishing up my dental hygiene duty, I was rinsing off my toothbrush and studying one of my SMCs (Scripture Memory Cards) at the same time. I don’t remember what verse I was meditating on, but I do remember that suddenly it felt as if my entire being was enveloped in an amazingly overwhelming sense of love and awe.

I swirled around and leaned against the wall. I told the Lord (Who seemed very near) in a hushed voice, “I love Your Word, O Lord. I love Your Word!” I couldn’t stop saying it. I wasn’t just expressing my appreciation for the verse I was studying, but for His whole Word, His whole being – everything He is and everything He has meant to me!

And as I proclaimed my love for His Word, my heart was filled with indebtedness for the love I knew He had for me. And then (toothbrush still in hand), tears streamed down my face. My heart felt as if it would burst with love for my Lord. The sweetness of that moment has stayed with me; I will never forget how special it was.

I am a believer in the benefits of memorizing and meditating on Scripture.

And in my zeal to encourage others to join me in this amazing discipline, I began The Memorizing Scripture Blog. Since then, the blog has added another important feature: accountability. In fact, I have started a women’s accountability group, “Coffee with Sheryl,” as the result of the blog. Plus, God has opened the door for me to do a short radio program on Wave 94 in Tallahassee. The program will also be called, “Coffee with Sheryl.”

Therefore, within a couple of weeks, I have decided to tie this blog to my other ministry outlets and rename the blog, “Coffee with Sheryl.” We will still have a strong emphasis on Scripture. The goal of the blog will be to pray, support and encourage one another to overcome sinful or bad habits while meditating on God’s Word.

I’m excited to see how God will continue to mature me (and hopefully others) as we progress on this exciting – and holy – endeavor!
By the way, this week’s verse is the verse I chose for my very first post last July 6th! (See A Return to Memorizing Scripture).

What do you think?

• Will making accountability with other readers a more obvious part of the blog encourage you to take advantage of the extra support it will provide?

• Do you have a special memory which happened while you were studying God’s Word or having quiet time with Him?


  1. Great post! I remember when I felt God's overwhelming presence a few times as well. The most recent was when I was praying. I became so happy. I started saying "Thank You God, so much. I love you, I love you." over and over again. That day I had felt as if I was being ungrateful to God because I was impatient while waiting for him to reveal my soul mate, my better half. Now I'm not like that because I have become more patient! Keep up the blogs, I'll be reading in the future!


  2. Thanks for the compliment, Phillippa. It's kind of neat to see how similar - yet so personal - each of our experience was, isn't it? There is no way any one can convince us that God is not real.

    And isn't it so sweet of Him to reveal His presence to you even when you weren't exactly "deserving it?" It is His mercy and lovingkindness that draws us to Him. I love the way He loves us.

    Thanks for commenting, Phillippa. We would love to hear from you again.

  3. Thanks for being real, sweetie. Husband Bert

  4. Bert, thanks for your comment! I appreciate your patience with me, Hon. I love you.


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