Thursday, May 31, 2012

When Did I Become a Chronic Complainer?

Psalm 19:14 (NASB)
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
Be acceptable in Your sight,
O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer.

I could feel my face turning red! Once again my immaturity was showing because I didn’t get my way. Later that night, I thought about my behavior and I believe I had a sobering divine revelation: I was a chronic complainer. And I do mean chronic. It shocked me as I realized how much of my thinking and speech was ruined with complaining and criticism. How embarrassing to be a Christian for so many years, and find myself behaving so immaturely – and possessing such an ungrateful heart!

Since then I have been making an effort to get control over this sin. On days when I hear myself constantly complaining, I write goals stating “I will not complain for ten minutes.” When I begin to feel a bit confident that I can go for a longer stretch, I set the goal for one hour at a time. Now my goal is to not grumble during the time it takes me to complete this post. And so far, it’s working!

Are you a chronic complainer?

Test yourself. Be aware of every thought and word for the next forty-eight hours. Maybe even jot down the times you catch yourself in a less than grateful mode. For me, complaining sounds like: I wish I didn’t have to clean the house, go to the store, or even wash my hair.  I am also griping when I criticize someone for not performing better on my schedule; or for not treating me fairly.

If you do not struggle with this childish vice, then I sincerely ask you to pray for me as I now fight to become consistently thankful. I will rejoice and be thankful for a home to clean and hair to wash!

Will you join me this week in setting a goal to stop complaining and start being more thankful? Let’s literally stop ourselves each time we’re about to complain about anything!

It may be helpful to start a list of things we can be thankful for and list some of them on the back of our Scripture Memory Card. This week’s verse is a perfect one to memorize or meditate on to help us change our attitudes.

A friend of mine told me a story about a lady who kept a journal of all the things she was thankful for. She made it a goal to add daily a new reason to be thankful. It became a great reminder of how faithful God has been in her life!

What about you?

     • How much joy are you missing out on when you spend so much time concentrating on “what’s wrong?”

     • Will you begin a list (and add to it daily) of things you can be thankful for? Will you start that list today?

     • Will you commit to memorizing or meditating on Psalm 19:14 this week?

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  1. So far you must have tried various methods to memorize Bible verses, but sometimes we are not able to remember it correctly. One of my friends gave me an excellent idea to memorize the Bible verses. He showed me his android phone to which he had downloaded an application which puts holy verses on your phone wallpaper. What is more amazing is that the verses keep on changing after some time. In today’s world everyone keeps their phone with themselves every time, so whenever you see your phone you see a verse. What could be more better way to memorize the verses other than this. The application can be downloaded from the link to your android phone.
    You can send the verse as a message to your friend or post the verse to your friend’s facebook wall.
    What could be more better way to share the Word Of The Lord. God bless us all.

  2. Thank you, Robin, for that great idea and link. Also, I want to welcome you to the blog! Please visit again.

  3. I have found myself in that situation of shutting my mouth long enough to realize that all I was doing was complaining. I would use the excuse, I am just explaining or venting or thinking it through out loud. It has been over the last couple years that I have been trying to change the way I speak about myself and others. It is definitely a challenge. I am learning to speak the word and change my surroundings and circumstancing by speaking the positive word of God in my life. It has made a real difference. I am not as sick as I used to be and I am a much happier person with less worries. You could say I am a "happy-go-'blessed'" person. :-)

  4. Susan, thank you for your honest comment! Isn't it true how much better we feel when we stop giving into negative thinking and speech?

    Please comment again. It encourages all of us (especially me!) when others participate. See you at "Coffee with Sheryl"! You are a super big help to me, Susan.


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