Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fear Not Means Worry Not – A Businessman’s Perspective

Hello, as we come to the end of 2011, my husband Bert is presenting the male’s perspective on some of the things we’ve been working through.

Luke 2:10 (KJV)
…Fear not…

I have chosen to practice my profession as a self-employed person for almost 40 years. The full responsibility for the success or failure of my business falls on my shoulders daily. I worry (another word for fear) about the potential negative business consequences should I make a poor judgment call.

However, I have to remember that worry contradicts the fact that I have affirmed my faith and belief in the Lord’s promise to guide me into making the right choices. And when I do (more often than I care to admit) make the wrong choice, I have learned that He is still there for me.

Worry (fear) is a normal human response. But, we all know that worry contradicts faith. When I experience such times as: worrying I’m spending too much time at the office, paying bills on time (both at work and home), and managing the company’s profitability, it helps when I remember that God is big enough in these cases, too.

I would like to quote from Rev. John Schmidt, Central Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, MD:

“We’ve got to deal with our trust in God, because it’s directly related to how panicked we are feeling about life around us. So we have to bring our fears to God. We have to talk to the management.”

I really need to get better at talking to the management about the fears in my life. What about you?

Men, am I alone on this?

Before I go, I need to admit another area I fear – or at least an area where I lack confidence: writing for this blog.

My monthly contribution to Sheryl’s blog has been a much harder task than I anticipated simply because I’m not the writer Sheryl aspires to be. So, I think I need to recognize where my talents lie – and where they don’t.

Therefore, this will be my last regular Bert’s Perspective. Perhaps, I will surprise everyone (especially myself) and throw in a Perspective now and then. But for now, I’ll just end with:

Keep up the good work, Sheryl. See you at home.


  1. Now Pastor Boldt, all that said and you close with a worry, worry that you are not a writer. But I find that you write very well. The main thing is to get your point across clearly, I believe the Apostle Paul was not much of a orator but he had much to say.All that said, now I forgot what else I wanted to say, but I refuse to worry about it ha ha ha. The Alaska cold plays tricks on the mind.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Anonymous. I think Bert's a good writer, too.

    Stay warm!


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