Thursday, November 17, 2011

When Kathy Took Me In

Part 12 of a Segment-by-Challenging-Segment Series on 1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13:7c (NASB)
(love)… hopes all things,

1 Corinthians 13:7c (AMP)
(Love’s) …. hopes are fadeless under all circumstances,

“We are at the point, Sheryl, that we’re going to have to place you in a long-term facility,” the doctor said.

“No, I’ll wither up and die for sure in a one of those places.”

“I’m sorry, but I have no choice.”

The doctor gave me the news while I was a patient at a short-term behavior health unit (an inpatient mental health facility). After years in and out of mental hospitals, and following another failed suicide attempt, the psychiatrist was now considering committing me to the state hospital.

But then, Kathy called.

“Hi, Sheryl. Mike and I want you to live with us until you get on your feet.”

Tears of gratitude streamed down my face. My youngest sister’s gesture gave me the courage to hope again. Thankfully my doctor allowed me to go to my sister’s house in lieu of the state institution.

After moving in with Kathy and Mike, I met Joan at Calvary Chapel Church. She quickly became my best friend. Joan kept me laughing and never allowed the stress of my instability keep her from including me in her life.

During the dark years prior to that time, my (not much older) sister, Teri and her husband took me in for weeks at a time offering tons of support and love.

I’m dedicating this week’s post to these ladies, my Aunt Joan (who never stopped praying for me), and to many others, whose hopes were fadeless under all circumstances throughout my slow journey while coming out of depression and a serious eating disorder.

I would not be enjoying healthy relationships, including my marriage to Bert (five and half years and counting!), enjoying selling radio advertising again, writing this blog, etc. if it wasn’t for those who refused to give up hope that one day I would be all right.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m thankful to all those who never lost hope in an all powerful God for Whom nothing is too difficult. Thank you, Father, for continuing the work You have begun in me.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who support and participate in the Memorizing Scripture Blog. I love and appreciate every one of you, and pray for you almost every day.

And to my wonderful husband, Bert: You are very precious to me. I’m grateful that I get to serve the God of all hope with you.

What do you think?

• Will memorizing and meditating on this segment of 1 Corinthians 13 help you to persevere in hope for one another, even if it takes years before you see any changes?

• What section of Scripture would you like to memorize and obey (one small segment at a time) after we complete 1 Corinthians 13? (It could be a chapter, section of a chapter, a few verses, or even one verse).


  1. Sheryl, what a beautiful blog. You have such a way with words and one can tell that it comes straight from your heart. You have always been a good sister, always!! There never was a time I could not go to you for anything. God has blessed me with you. I love you so much!

  2. Thank you, Kathy, for your sweet comment. I love you, too. Thanks again for all you did for me. It's really great being your sister - especially since we're able to laugh a whole lot more now than we did back then (and boy do we laugh now)!

  3. Yes, that's it, love as it is meant to be, a action word.
    I once suffered a severe depression, wandering around the house for days with a gun nearby to take my life. I decided to enter a local private hospital that was there for that purpose. I was there for 4 weeks. My biggest help was seeing there were others with depression and interacting with them. Doctors did little good with their mumbo jumbo. I was OK at the end of the 4 weeks and never had the problem again.
    But, here is the bad part, no one from church, especially the singles Sunday school group came to visit. I made it known that I was in the hospital, so where was the love?
    Well, that and other similar events in my life have made me more loving and tender to the needs of others. So some good came of it.

  4. Anonymous, I'm so sorry you went through such a dark time. And I'm very glad you did not take your life!

    I'm also sorry that you weren't visited by members of your church during that time. I've experienced times when friends pulled away, too. I have come to realize that it was the best they could do at the time.

    Anonymous, I'm glad you allowed God to produce a loving and tender heart for others, rather than allowing yourself to become bitter.

    Thank you for your comment.


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